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Happy Halloween!

I think I like trick or treating as much as my daughter! 

From the Vault


Wild Spanish Horses #photography #obxlife #richbrummettphotography

Pic of the Day!

Senior portrait session. Peace Valley Park, PA #photography #seniorportraits #parks

Little Thoughts from my Noggin

As a photographer and general photo enthusiast, I tend to take a lot of pictures even when not on a job. This is especially true when it comes to my kids. I love capturing the little unscripted moments and milestones in their lives. More and more though, I feel like I can become “lost behind the lens”. I’m so worried about capturing the moment, I forget to simply stop and actually enjoy it. I’ve made myself start putting the camera and phone down more  recently, while actually taking little “mental pictures” while I just enjoy the moment, as they are truly fleeting. 

Pic of the Day! Senior Portrait session at Peace Valley Park, PA

Video of the Day

2 yrs ago this video of my daughter and her Poppi went viral! Even ended up on multiple news outlets across the country, local Philly and Dallas news, and even the NFL network. Arguing over who is better Cowboys or Eagles. Classic and fun spontaneous moment I’m glad we captured! Story and Video Here

San Antonio, TX — DREAM.PLAN.TRAVEL (repeat)

People thought we were crazy going from PA to San Antonio, TX in mid July for a family vacation. I think just about everyone asked “how did you even come up with San Antonio as an option?”…Marriott points, that’s how! The only perk to having a spouse that has to travel a lot for business […]

via San Antonio, TX — DREAM.PLAN.TRAVEL (repeat)

Pic of the Day! 

More Baily beach fun! 

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